We are going to build houses and cities from gypsum.

We have created high density gypsum which has become very strong. High-density gypsum (HDG) can be used without restrictions as structural concrete.
With our technology we can build fast-ER, cheap-ER, bett-ER, green-ER!

High-density gypsum has these  properties

  • density of 1.9 — 2.1 t/m3 ( ≈ 125 lb/ft3)

  • compressive strength of 50 — 110 MPa (N/mm2) or 7.2 — 16.0 ksi and more

  • bending strength of 13 — 17 MPa (N/mm2) or 1.9 — 2.5 ksi and more

  • 50-60% strength gain in 1-3 hours, 60-80% in 24 hours and full strength in 1-3 weeks

  • water saturation in 2 hours less than 1.0%

  • full water saturation of 3-6% in 4-7 days (on elements with a cross-section of 40×40 mm)

  • ratio of compressive strength in fully water-saturated state to dry samples 0.5-0.6

Benefits of high-density gypsum

Material with liquid injection molding consistency, becoming stone in minutes, with any density from 100 kg/m3 to 2 t/m3, with a compressive strength of up to 100 MPa and over 20 MPa in bending, with no shrinkage deformations, not requiring drying after manufacturing elements, cheap, with the lowest energy costs for production, with the lowest CO2 footprint and fully recyclable 


 — is the ideal material for automated and robotic production

 — is the only material consistent with Industry 4.0 and full digitalization, Sustainable, Low-Carbon and Cyclical Economy

High-density gypsum has an awesome future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s make the world a better place together!




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