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We will change the development market
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1. Speed. House is as a commodity.
We do not build. We assemble. Our houses are assembled simply and quickly as IKEA furniture.
Now buying a new house is not a service for building it. This is the purchase of the ready and finished product chosen by you.
2. Investment.
The houses are very durable and capital with a long service life. This means that in 20 years their cost will not be zero, as in non-capital houses.
3. Disassembly and Modifiability.
The house can be disassembled without significant damage or modified for vital necessity.
4. Prime cost.
One of the cheapest materials with the cheapest processing and the most reasonable construction system allows you to get a low prime cost.
1. The growth of the population.
Now is the maximum population growth. There has never been such a huge need for new homes.
2. The growth of the number of singles.
People lonely living becomes more.
3. The growth rate of square footage per person.
The norms of square footage increased 2-5 times over the past 50 years.
4. 60% and 75% deteriorations.
Now, 75% of buildings are morally obsolete, but worse, 60% of buildings are completely worn out and should be demolished.
5. Huge problem.
A huge housing shortage is only growing. Today's technology can not provide the necessary growth.
1. Increase in gas emissions.
The cement industry ranks first in terms of CO2 emissions after coal/oil/gas. The cement industry must double to provide the population with housing. The new material does not emit CO2.
2. Building life time.
Cement concretes have a limited service life of about 50 years due to their destruction by CO2 and water. New material is not destroyed.
3. Recycling and disposal.
Cement concretes are not recycled again, they are only disposal.
New material is recycled.
4. Ecological safety.
Cement industry is the most harmful.
The new material industry is the most environmentally friendly.
1. SCT (smart construction tackle).
We have developed a compact not expensive automated SCT (smart construction tackle) for the production of components for the assembly of houses. The main strategy of AMATEC technology expansion is replication of the network SCT.
2. Open market of houses and elements .
Our houses can be disassembled. We will create an open market for the sale/exchange/rental of parts or sets of our houses. It will be implemented within our information system.
3. Open market for mortgage lending.
The most necessary thing to buy a house – getting mortgage funds. Disassembly and modifiability of houses radically changes the conditions of such loans. Now everyone can partially lend to everyone without banks with minimal risk. This FinTech subproject will be implemented within our information system.
4. Open market for maintenance and service.
We will create our own insurance and maintenance of our homes that will be implemented within our information system.
We attract financing in 2 stages.
1. We will create a prototype of SCT (smart construction tackle) and pilot production of experimental houses. The stage fully confirms all technologies and removes technological risks.
The stage confirms the demand for products and begins to build a sales funnel.
We attract $ 0.55 million.

2. We will create 3 instances of SCT (smart construction tackle) and start creating an information system. The stage removes the risks of the replicated business model.
We attract $ 3 million.

In the subsequent stages, we will attract partners and funding for the replication of technologies in all countries of the world.
The construction industry has no points of growth. Labor productivity in construction over the past 70 years has increased less than 2 times, and at the same time labor productivity in industry, agriculture, trade has increased more than 15 times. The construction industry cannot provide the necessary growth.
The Sustainable Development Goals, designated by the UN, do not even indicate the elimination of homelessness!
With today's technology, this goal is not feasible!

New material
Our project is based on our new material.
It's a new gypsum. But not the one that everyone knows – not strong and not water resistant.
Natural gypsum stone is very durable. But after processing it becomes worse in 3-10 times.
We have created a new gypsum material such as natural stone with the highest strength and high water resistance.
The new gypsum material is stronger than conventional building concretes. See comparison.
On the basis of high-strength gypsum we have developed a new excellent heat and sound insulation material.
Our new gypsum we easily protect from water.
Previously, gypsum was used only for interior decoration. With our technology, it can be applied for exterior decoration.

Thus, our technology of gypsum can build the whole building, stronger and more durable than concrete.
О новом гипсовом материале
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Полученный Новый материал

Наш проект базируется на нашем новом материале.

Это гипс. Но только не тот, к которому все привыкли – совсем не прочному и не водостойкому.

Природный гипсовый камень – сверхпрочен. Но после переработки он становится хуже в 3-10 раз.

Мы создали новый гипсовый материал ( всплывающая ссылка ) аналогичный природному камню с высочайшей прочностью и повышенной водостойкостью.

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